Tuesday, November 05, 2013

What I Wore: Youtube Unplugged Concert

In my last post I did a recap of the Youtube Unplugged Concert which was in celebration of the first ever 2013 Youtube Music Awards. Now here's what I wore.

It's still Summer in my head so I wore this yellow striped shirt I bought in April to bring some sunshine into my life. I tied it with my dark thrifted jeans, dark blue blazer, brown ankle boots, and brown zipper clutch for a Fall look. NYC was a nice 71 degrees that day so I only had to wear my black leather jacket with no sweater layer. Awesome!! I finished off with the purple lippie that was giving me any and all kinds of life that day.

I snapped some photos of my outfit of the day real quick before I left. I'm pretty sure that was why I was late for the concert and missed Chescaleigh's performance(yes, I'm still mad about it). But I couldn't NOT take photos before I left. That would just be wrong. In hindsight, I should have dressed earlier.

The Deets:
Earrings: Aldo
Blazer: H&M
Shirt: AK Couture
Jeans: thifted and altered
Boots: Mandee
Clutch: Moruka Designs

So, how are you adjusting to the cold? 
Are you feeling that Summertime sadness?
I don't like this one bit.


  1. I personally love the fall/winter! You can always just keep throwing on layers to keep warm. Also, those boots look SO comfortable. I don't have a Mandee near me, so I'll have to look for a similar pair. Cute outfit!

  2. Cute outfit. Is that a wig? Is so, that's cute also LOL.

  3. Yes @The Frugal Exerciser. It's one of my Fall/Winter protective styles. :-)

  4. @Neisha Jo the thing is that I can dig the Fall. It's the Winter that grinds my nerves. I KNOW this nice Fall weather isn't going to last much longer and it bugs me. lol

    Oh I saw similar boots at Joyce Leslie. I think pretty much any trendy store should have them.


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