Sunday, November 03, 2013

Recap: YouTube Unplugged Concert NYC - #YTunplugged

This past Friday November 1st 2013 I attended the first YouTube Music Awards - YouTube Unplugged Concert at the Google building on 9th avenue, New York. I found out about it on Chescaleigh's Instagram account and quickly snatched that link up! The event was slated to start at 4pm, I arrived a little after 4:30pm. Upon arriving I met three greeters in the lobby. I was given my name tag and then escorted on the elevator by one of the greeters to the concert location. Very nice and friendly. I give them an A.

As I entered the room there weren't a lot of people there. I'd say about 50 or 60? I'm sure it was more but it wasn't crowded. At that moment the audience was standing around the stage as a YouTube musician sang, this was where I met up with my friend Leah. It was a very intimate setting which was a nice surprise because I was expecting a mob scene. There were a number of performers which included Chescaleigh(whose performance I missed along with others because of my lateness. Very upsetting.) and Megan and Liz who are new to me and I must say that after all these days their song Release You is still stuck in my head. They were great, I loved their voices and Liz is super nice. We tried to find Megan to take a pic together but...

Me and Liz of Megan and Liz. Wish I had met Megan as well.
Photo by Guyanesesista.

Then there was a t-shirt giveaway and dubstep dance led by iJustine.

Then we were able to meet the YouTubers to talk and take photos. I took photos with Leah and then talked to Liz of Megan and Liz, Chescaleigh, and iJustine after the crowd broke up. I already knew of Chescaleigh, but not about the other Youtubers I met as I'm now getting into YouTube more but I am now subscribed to them. I loved that I was able to meet them because they are amazing and I'm glad I was able to witness it in person first.

Me & iJustine. She was a great host.
Photo by Guyanesesista.

Me & Franchesca Ramsey aka Chescaleigh.
Photo by Guyanesesista.
Photo by Guyanesesista

Photo by Guyanesesista.

Over all I liked the event. Google did a great job with the ambience and most importantly the intimate setting. I had mentally prepared myself for a long line and wait, so again I say, I was pleasantly surprised. I always knew the YouTube was a great place for undiscovered talent, i.e. Just Bieber but it really didn't hit me till now how important the medium REALLY is. Seeing these people in person and not on screen is a whole different experience. I met other YouTubers with their own channels that are not as popular the day's performers but they are trying to make name for themselves and will get there and beyond one day. It gives a chance to those who otherwise probably won't get discovered. This doesn't only ring true for musicans but for anyone with someone they believe is valuable whether it's a product, a service, or experience. I remember watching Maya Washington aka Shameless Maya's very first shameless self promotion video a little over a year ago and it is wonderful how much she has grown over the year. I just started my own YouTube channel and hope to be as great as she and all the others I met one day. Kudos to Google.

Thank you for reading.
Did you get to attend the show? 
Have a YouTube channel? What has been your experience since starting it?
Plan to start one? What's holding you back?

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