Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Throwback: Old 2007 relaxed hair regimen

I've been looking through my fotki again and I came across my old regimen from way back in the journals section on 10/20/2007. I was just starting my hair journey so here's exactly what I was thinking way back then on that exact day, 5 years ago. My hair should be butt length by now.

"Hi I'm here to try and document my quest for long and healthy hair and get and give tips to other fotki 

members on the same quest.

My Regimen

I deep condition twice a week. I found the recipe for the deep conditioner from Cathy Howse's first book 

on amazon. Well at least it's how the person remembers it. So that's what I use and it's not bad at all. I 

also do the baggie method which works well.


1 32 oz. bottle of protein conditioner (I use 2 Profectiv mega growth Deep Strengthening GROWTH 

CONDITIONER - 15oz jars

6 oz coconut oil (you must liquify this in the microwave)

3 oz olive oil

.5-1 oz (personal preference) peppermint oil (must be real essential oil)

Shampoo with: Nexxus Therappe luxury moisturizing shampoo

Nutrine garlic shampoo (helps stop hair breakage)

Condition with: Nutrine garlic conditioner

Lately I've been experiencing alot of breakage compared to the fact that me hair never breaks except 

for when Fall sets in. So now I'm trying frantically to stop this breakage. I'm thinking about trying 

aphogee or sebastian penetrate. I've seen more reviews about aphogee so I think go out and buy that. 

If anybody has suggestions about my breakage or anything else 

your advise is welcome. Thankyou in advance.

Thanks for reading. 

Back then I had started out with the Cathey Howse method. I totally forgot that I have her 
book. I worked pretty well for my relaxed hair then. I wonder how it would work now that I'm natural? Ahh Nexxus Therappe shampoo!! Nutrine Garlic shampoo and conditioner. I totally forgot about these too. They were awesome. 

Maybe this will help someone. Who knows? 

Anybody still use fotki? I haven't used mine in over 3 years.


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