Friday, August 30, 2013

Fashion Fete 2013 Interview #1: Dennis Arnold of The Lewis Butu Collection

According to Dennis that 'L' ain't for loser
it's for Lewis Butu! Recognize. -_-

Meet Dennis Arnold of The Lewis Butu Collection(I like the name. It sounds fancy). Dennis hails from Washington D.C. and specializes in Men's and unisex beaded jewelry. He established his company in 2008. First he started making jewelry for himself and eventually stumbled into making it a business. By following his passion he has made men's beaded jewelry his niche. Dennis had his own display booth at
Fashion Fete and also teamed up on the runway with RoyalT Wear and Team Africa.

Dennis told me that inspiration for his designs comes from God first and foremost. Ideas may come randomly when he starts stringing beads or he might make a mistake on something, start over and end up creating something even more awesome. Being a creative person myself I can totally relate to this. From browsing his website some of the beads he uses include Onyx stone beads, black Ebony wood beads, silver accent beadcapsBayong wood and bone beads

It was a pleasure interviewing Dennis. He was very cool, friendly and laid back with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Awesome characteristics for a small business owner to have. I'm sure his customers absolutely love him. 

The Lewis Butu Collection is currently available at To learn more about the brand visit: 

Instagram: @lewisbutucollection

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