Thursday, July 25, 2013

Reintroducing: Moruka Designs Handbags

I've been looking to start a business for over 2 years and have had to make some changes along the way. These are things I'm glad that I caught before officially launching. I mentioned my soft launch last Fall 2012(some of you were there when I made that post) and have since fixed things up even more so now I'm really ready. I had to make sure I was selling customers the best possible product and after much deliberation and experimentation I am now ready to officially launch Moruka Designs. Everything is made by me and I want my customers to have the best handmade bags.

My July 4th post was a mini debut of my purses and now I'm officially out of the closet. I'm nervous, happy and all kinds of other feelings. My love for Guyana's rich culture, my love for handbags, and my late Grandmother's inspiration have brought me to this point of realizing my dream of owning a business and sharing what I love with others. I do this through fabric and design as this is my best way of representing my heritage of 6 cultures which includes Africans, Europeans, Portuguese, Chinese, East Indians, and Amerindians.

My Etsy shop is Browse around and tell me what you think. I have fabric purses at the moment but am currently working on faux leather ones as well which will be up soon. Also I have me very first trunk show shopping event on Saturday August 10th, 2013 in Brooklyn at AK Couture Boutique & Beauty Bar.  If you are in New York and would like to attend you can sign up here.

Moruka Designs can be found on Facebook, Instagram(@MorukaDesigns), Twitter(@MorukaDesigns). All Moruka Designs updates will be made right here on

Thank you all for reading. :-)


  1. Your purses are beautiful!!! You are very talented.

  2. You really are talented Guyanesesista, these designs are really good. I'm so much in love with handbags and always looking for new designs. Where i can have these handbags? I usually shop online, if you also wanna try some products online I'm attaching a link below. Do tell me where I can have these products. Have a nice day.

  3. Very gorgeous bags! Loving the prints and bold colors.


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