Monday, October 01, 2012

Wash day woes 9/1/2012

I'm trying to have a smooth wash day but that's just not happening. I decided to a protein treatment wish nexus alloxxi and my steam cap because I want the heat penetration. But I can't find the damn steam cap and when I tried to use my damn hooded drier there was no air and I smelled the stupid thing burning. When I looked inside it there was a orange light and as the light faded the burning smell got stronger so I turned it off. Now I have to throw it away.
I haven't use it in about 2 or 3 years anyway and I bought it in 2003 so I guess it's time. My only other options are to go heat free or use my blow dryer(and since I'm too lazy for this I'll go heat free). The messed up thing is that I always see that stupid steamer when I don't need it.



  1. LOL girl you sound like me, I haven't posted about my relaxer/wash day yet but it was similar!

  2. Yea girl I saw on instagram that your steamer broke. lol.

  3. It's so hilarious that stuff are no where to be found when need them.

  4. I have been pushing my wash days to 3 weeks and that's not good. I have wash, detangle, henna, indigo and rinse. I'm so done after that I usually wear my hair in a bun for a week after that.

  5. Lol, sounds like you had one hell of a time ;)

  6. lol. i hate those moments when a bunch of things all go wrong at the same time.

    i nominated you for the versatile blogger award!


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