Saturday, October 06, 2012

Twist out vs. braid out

Humidity affected braid out on blow dried hair after a long day at work.

Just a quick note. I notice that braid outs work better for my blow dried hair and twist outs work better for my air dried hair. I think it's because my blow dried hair can't hold a twist because it's straighter than my air dried hair. Kinda like when you try to do two twists style on blow dried or straight hair. It doesn't look as bouncy and fluffy. I hope I made sense. Oh and I need to trim. My last trim was five months ago.


  1. I rarely blow out my hair but when I twist with blow dried hair I have to use setting lotion. I prefer to twist on damp hair and then air dry it.

    I've never done a braid out.

  2. I prefer twistouts to braid outs

  3. i have never heard of a braid out before..does it simply mean when the braid is out of the braid? new to your blog via BLM! following along now!


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