Sunday, August 26, 2012

SALE @ Walgreens - Hair Products

I was at Walgreen's & saw they had a really good sale so I bought some items and am spreading the word.

Nunaat Brazilian Keratin products

Nubian Heritage BOGO
Nubian Heritage BOGO

Curls Unleashed

Jamaican Lime
Africa's Best

I bought two Nubian Heritage Repair and extend treatment masque and Nunaat Brazilian Keratin Intensive hair mask. I've never used them before so I'll have product reviews to do. They seem to be light protein treatments and I could use some protein at the moment.



  1. nice sale, guyanesista , rep rep. *wave hand*

  2. oooh thanks for the heads up! i'm gonna skate over to walgreens tomorrow to pick up some shea moisture :)

  3. Hi @DessyGT!!

    @Jenna I don't think the Shea moisture was on sale. I think it was put in the wrong section.


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