Monday, September 10, 2012

Lovely Sunday + Were they laughing at me?

Stretched out fro
Earrings, necklace, ring: Brooklyn jewelry shop near the BK museum
Bracelet: Forever 21
Top: H&M
Skirt: Avenue A & 11th Street flea market
Shoes: Mandee
Pink lipstick, neutrogena sunblock
Sunday is the beginning of my weekend with some exceptions & I always try to go out & do something. Most times I try to dress up & yesterday was one of those times. My hair was in a stretched out updo Pompadour looking style for the entire work week, then I took it down, finger detangled in sections, twisted each section, left overnight and then undid for that very sexy fro with a side part in the above picture.

I ran errands for my mom before I visited my friend & my 3 month old beautiful chubby little god-daughter. I went to the dollar tree & Kmart. At both places dudes told me I looked nice, I responded graciously & whatnot; this one woman at Kmart actually stopped me to ask how I got my hair style & complimented me. That was the first time a stranger ever did that. I loved it. *giggles* So I was driving back home & I stopped at the light on a two lane road. I stopped beside a car & was still looking ahead not paying attention to who was in the car next to me & all I heard was, "YO WHAT THE FUCK???!!!" followed by hilarious laughing & inaudible words. Funny thing, the car was quiet for the first couple of seconds as I was pulling up then when I completed my stop I heard the huge burst of laughter. I still haven't looked at then at this point but they sounded like young boys, early twenties maybe. I'm pretty sure it was directed at me but who knows... I just know it was a little coincidental that the commotion happened when I completed my stop. I was thinking 'these snot nosed little rugrats need to go siddown somewhere'. It got me to thinking about guys & the hair they are used to seeing. They can't be expected to just jump into accepting & liking natural hair, fros, & other natural hairstyles because they grew up seeing the women in their families wearing their hair straight whether it be weaves, wigs, or relaxers; {but it did bother me a tiny bit & I do think that people should at least respect people's choices instead of reacting like that}. For that, I wasn't mad at them but mostly because I was looking hot & was feeling myself waayyyyy too much. I really don't think I've ever had that kind of reaction before either. I have gotten stares though.

Closer look at my fro.
So yup, that was my Sunday.


  1. You look gorgeous!!!!

    It could have been a pure coincidence, because u looked way to fierce to be laughed at. And if they were laughing at you..F-em..they are corny anyway!

  2. Yea I was thinking that too. Oh well. Thanks girl!!!!!

  3. You looked STUNNING. Seriously! Forget those young boys, I hate when ppl laugh like that immature!

  4. I think they might have been laughing...for no good reason.

    In NYC, I find crazy when people laugh at things like hair, like they haven't seen real laughable things...which are daily in the subway.

  5. I wouldn't worry about it. Back in the day, you would have gotten that reaction a lot. The negative reaction to natural hair has subsided a little.

  6. When I BC'ed for the first time, a couple of years ago, I had a similiar experience. Like you, I too wondered if those guys were laughing at my hair.

    Do your best to shake off the ignorant jackasses, because you AND your hair rock! :)

  7. @Frugal & Melani - Yea it doesn't bother me but it was worth mentioning because it was the first time I recall it happening. It's just one of those things that make you pause for a bit. As Alx said, they were just laughing for no good reason.

  8. You and your hair are way to gaw-geous for them to have been laughing at you! Love your blog! I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award! Please visit my blog to accept your nomination.


  9. I love your hair!

    Another Guyanese siesta.

  10. Oh my goodness! You look hot hot hot! Your hair looks completly amazing, you were so right to be feeling yourself.

    I think if those boys were laughing it couldn't have been at you because you were looking too damn fine girl.

    LOVE IT!!

  11. I think you looked cute! Guys can be so immature and rude. Keep walking in your fierceness!


  12. I think it was something else, not necessarily your hair.
    i wouldnt worry about it. i used to live in Brooklyn - when they like the way you look they definitely have something to say - when they don't, its quiet (maybe that was just me),


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