Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Quick Mini Update - 97 day old cornrows out

Please excuse the screw face. Taking hair pics
with an iPod sucks. I broke my digital camera. 

Hi everyone. I'm giving you a quick update on my hair. I took down my cornrows this past weekend and did  a twist out for work today. I didn't get to wash yet since I didn't have enough time. Don't judge me. :/ I'll have a more detailed post up when I wash this coming weekend. Now I have to fit this into my workout routine. I'll be keeping it reeaallll simple. Here are some pictures I took this morning before work.

I moisturized with Organics Texture My Way Curl Keeper. Great stuff, great price. I sealed with stinky Wild Growth Oil but my hair is soft though. The site does look janky in my opinion but that oil is good stuff. It never fails me. The only thing that stops me from using it consistently is the smell but I guess it's nothing some essential oils can't fix.

My hair was in about 10 to 12 twists. I had them in for about a day then took them out this morning. It was completely dry. I untwisted each one, gently pulling on them once undone to loosen them up a bit. After taking them all down I separated each section in two to give the style more body. I think I created some frizz but I accept frizz as part of being natural. It used to bother me a few years ago but now I just don't care because it WILL happen. It's the nature of afro-textured hair. This along with other characteristics, I've accepted about my hair. I don't hurt my head try to find solutions to too many things and my hair thanks me for it.

More later. Thank you for reading. TTYL.

ETA: This morning as I was getting out of the train station the rain was drizzling lightly. So I SCRAMBLED for my umbrella. I wasn't gonna let those drizzles ruin my twist out. LOL.


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