Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My Natural Hair Truths + Today's Hairstyle

It took like 30 minutes of trial & error to come up with this style.
Smh. Side swept high puff held together by mini combs,
EZ Comb(the best ever!!), & hair pins. There is an entire
infrastructure going on under this puff to keep it in place.

This is my second day wearing my hair out in a long time. I've been been having some flash backs as well as learning some new things. I'm sure some of the following are true for other naturals. So here ya go:

1. Wearing my hair in a twist out on the regular will give me crunchy split ends.

2.  My hair will NOT look the same way it did when I left the house. Humidity will NOT allow it. It will change by the time I get to the train station, get off the bus, get to my destination, and get home. As in, I will leave the house in an elongated style and get back home with a shrunken version. I've come to accept this.

3. Wild Growth hair oil is my friend. It stinks like stinky gym socks and old, old, old engine grease but it makes my hair nice and soft. Nothing some essential oils can't over up.

4. I MUST moisturize and seal regularly. There are very few instances when I can get away with this.

5. My hair is feeling so soft right this moment.

6. Aloe vera juice is the truth, the whole truth and nothin' but the truth.

I'll be adding more to this later.

This is the best I could do with the back.
That silver thing is the EZ Comb.
Just when I decide to wear my hair out the rain decides to pour. At least there are no heat waves. Thanks NYC. **rolls eyes**

What are some of your hair truths? 
I want to hear from all textures(relaxed, natural & in-between) pretty please. : )


  1. Its about time I try aloe vera juice...its one of those things I keep hearing but havent tried yet...Thanks...

  2. @Addicted2Etsy - Girl just head on over to Walmart and get yourself a gallon.

  3. Girl... I testify AVJ is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!! It never disappoints.

    You should also try clay washes, they are the ish... Great blog.


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