Thursday, September 25, 2014

#NYTough Comedy Showcase

From left: Michael Che, Sherrie Shephard, Michelle Buteau, Marlon Wayans

On Tuesday September 23rd I had the pleasure of attending Procter and Gamble's #NYTough Comedy Showcase hosted by comedy legend Marlon Wayans. This event was all about sharing how tough New Yorkers are, sharing stories and how that resonates with the great P & G products that make our lives easier while touching on the typical New York struggles like traffic jams, crazy people in the street, tough neighbourhoods, the subway system and so much more. P & G highlighted 7 of their best products which included Crest, Febreeze, Dawn, Secret Deodorant, Head & Shoulders, Tide and Bounty. Along with Marlon Wayans we were graced by the presence of 3 other comedy legends namely Sherrie Shephard,  Michelle Buteau & Michael Che. It was an evening of laughs from all 4 comedians while they shared their experiences growing up using the products; like Marlon taking a bath with Dawn growing up and still having good skin because of how gentle it is.  After a busy, tiring but exciting & productive day, this was the perfect way to end it. I really can't tell who was the funniest as everybody came from a different perspective but I can give some highlights.

Marlon Wayans talked about growing up in the Chelsea projects, it's re-gentrification and how it's now longer gangsta to say you grew up there because it's no longer that rough and tumble place he grew up in.

Sherrie Shephard talked being on The View, leaving The View and how when you know you're about to get fired so you get nervous and start to steal stuff. (it's so true!)   

Michelle Buteau 

Michelle Buteau talked about her Haitian heritage, being broke and her Dutch husband who she referred to as "vintage European". That was one of the funniest things & totally came from left field. I LOVED IT!!!!!

Michael Che talked about what he would be doing if he wasn't doing comedy & really couldn't think of anything.  He also talked about school & a friend being in debt for $80,000 over English degree & now teaching English because it's really the only thing one could do with an English degree.

My recollection doesn't do justice to what these comedians did on that stage but I did my best. It was one if those 'You had to be there' moments. This was a brilliant way for P & G to connect with loyal customers who grew up using their products. The nostalgia made for a great overall experience that has instilled even more brand loyalty.

Michelle Buteau

Sherrie Shephard

Sherrie Shephard

Michael Che

Michael Che
Michael Che hugging Marlon Wayans

Me and Michael Che

Were you there?

How did you like it?

When was the last time you attended a comedy show?


  1. Looks like a great event! Thanks for sharing.

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