Wednesday, September 17, 2014

#NYFW - Snowman New York Fashion Show

On Wednesday September 10th 2014 I attended the showcase for the Snowman New York Fall 2014 "42" and Spring 2015 "Action" collectionsI thought it was going to be your run of the mill runway show in a bar, hotel or lounge but instead it was more of an intimate exhibition in a Korea Town loft space for buyers and press.
I was surprised to see colourful, stylish coats and jackets on models in front of a grey backdrop as they posed for photographers instead of your typical dresses, skirts, etc. Plus there were some more displayed on racks for everyone to checkout. 

Baekkyu and Jennifer Suh, the mastermind designers 
behind Snowman New York. 

This event was hosted by The Set NYC and as always, Pim and his crew put on a stellar event. I really liked this kind of show because the models were there for an extended period of time giving me a chance to get the shots I needed, as opposed to only being still for a few seconds on a runway and then dashing off. I also was able to really look at what Baekkyu and Jennifer had to offer as well as speak to them a little bit. The atmosphere was really laid back and I even met some awesome people! I loved it all. Not too over the top, very inviting. 

Bo Pratt and his lovely assistant. Visit

Racquelle Bella of I was LOVING her hat.

Carlos(right) and his boys. Check him out at &

Carlos & I
Makeup Artists: Shawna Brundidge & Heidi

We even got to try on jackets! I love this one.

Photo credit: Leah Veal

I like holding onto my jacket like this. It's cool.

Visit to learn more about the collection and designers.

How was your New York Fashion Week? 
Did anything from Snowman New York catch your eye?

Be on the look out for more NYFW posts, I have a ton to pump out. You have been warned. :-)


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