Saturday, August 23, 2014

Caribbean Blogger Meetup Summer 2014

When I attended Blogging While Brown NYC 2014 I met some fellow Caribbean bloggers so I had the idea to reach out to them as well as some more out and have ourselves a little meetup. Last Saturday myself along with Molina, Alysia, Adanna, and Kerry-Ann met up at Central Park for de shindig. It was nice havin' a gaff with the Caribbean ladies. We all blog about different things like parenting, Caribbean issues, health care, fashion, hair, etc. This was all about a few folks with Caribbean backgrounds; whether they were born there or born here to Caribbean parents; gathering to chat about being a Caribbean blogger in New York and really the rest of the United States. We also talked about stuff like relationships, parents, work life, school and a bunch of other stuff. Basically we had damn good time. We're definitely going to have another meetup.

I took the Chubby and Alysia took the mango.

Kerry-Ann was saying something important.

And then we took a selfie and went home.

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