Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Blood, Sweat & Heels S1 Ep2 w/ A Belle In Brooklyn

Demetria Lucas & I

This past Sunday I was whisked away by my friend Claudia last minute to Demetria Lucas aka A Belle in Brooklyn's Season 1 Episode 2 viewing party for her new show on Bravo called Blood, Sweat and Heels. I'm soooo glad I went because I would have been at home on a Sunday night Bored. Out. Of. My. Mind.
So this was really exciting.

It was a laid back, public setting with a semi-intimate feel at Bedford Hall restaurant located at 1177 Bedford Avenue Brooklyn, NY. In a large lounge area in the back of the restaurant there were comfy leather couches, tables, chairs, a pool table and what I want to say is an air hockey table. Demetria was there with her cast mates and it was great meeting them face to face in that setting. An event like this lets fans of the show and cast members get to know and interact with each other. I love this approach since Demetria is a blogger who built her personal brand from scratch. That, as well as the personal brands of the other cast members made for a wonderful bonding experience.

Who was I excited to meet the most? 

Demetria of course!! Along with Melyssa Ford and Chef Roble! I didn't expect to see him. He was so nice! I felt like a happy little kid! Melissa Ford is someone I had been watching on TV for years, since in Guyana I believe(like everyone else in the world. o_0 Like who doesn't know who she is right?). Meeting her in person was nice and it was something I never thought would happen. She was really sweet and TOTALLY understood why my camera was acting up(and messing with my blogger life. Like WHY!!?? Why THAT particular moment?) when I was trying to take her picture. Often times we put celebrities way up "there" almost making them untouchable and forget that they are regular people too, just REALLY FAMOUS regular people. Ehhh, maybe I'm just star struck. Either way I think that everyone I met is awesome.

Chef Roble & I
Melyssa Ford & I

Over all I think that the event was a success. I enjoyed taking photos of the cast as well as fans to capture the entire experience. I look forward to attending more of these Blood, Sweat and Heels viewing parties or any other event that Demetria has to offer. Having fans and cast members view the show together was a good move. What made it an even better experience was that Bedford Hall managers K. LaMonte and Arthur were wonderful hosts. They made sure that all cast members, other important guests and customers/fans were treated well. They were basically ON IT. They get an A+ for being so professional and attentive. The waitstaff was great as well. I was looking at Bedford Hall's brunch menu and I'm definitely heading over there for brunch in the near future. The menu looks delish! 

Manager K. LaMonte & Brie Bythewood of Blood, Sweat & Heels 
Manager Arthur & Geneva S. Thomas of Blood, Sweat & Heels

Mo Photos!!

 Brie Bythewood of Blood, Sweat & Heels 

Plus Size Model Liris Crosse

I can't forget about the fans!

The Cast and Managers
Melyssa Ford, Manager Arthur, Demetria Lucas, Geneva S. Thomas, Manager K. LaMonte.

What I wore
Black button down shirt, dark blue thrifted denim skinnies, black Madden Girl ginger booties, and black and off-white Moruka Designs Essie Clutch

So have you met any celebs lately?
Who's that one celebrity that you're just DYING to meet?


  1. Kirsten, the Dumpy DuchessJanuary 15, 2014 at 1:33 AM

    Girl! You look amazing and it looks like you had a blast! Great post! Lots of love!!

  2. A celeb that I am dying to meet...geez I'm not sure I guess Oprah lol. Where was Daisy? She is annoying...

  3. Ooooo I'd love to meet Oprah as well! Daisy didn't attend the event. At least I didn't see her even if she might have been there for a little bit.

  4. Awwww thanks Kirsten!

  5. Nah it wasn't very cold that day plus I drove. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. YAY!! Glad you found me Rozlyn! Great to know about one more Guyanese blogger.

  7. When I lived in Los Angeles I saw celebrities all the time so I think I'm immune to them. Right now I think Lupita is fab, she seems like a lovely young lady.

  8. Great post. I would love to meet the Fashionably Fabulous Lupita. She is certainly killing the game right now.
    Natasha B of Fashionably Fabulous

  9. Yea Roni. You L.A. folk accustomed to this kind of thing. Lupita has been added to my list.


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