Friday, October 11, 2013

Boston Fashion Week w/ C'est Magnifique Agency

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of showcasing Moruka Designs Handbags at C'est Magnifique Agency's Boston Fashion Week Fall 2013 Fashion Show. I was invited by CEO Shen Bennett who I met at Small Boutique Fashion Week at this past Fall 2013 NYFW. I traveled there all by my lonesome. I almost didn't go but my gut told me to back my bags and and hit the road. It was so worth it(although the muni-meter robbed me -_-), I did so much more than I thought I ever
would. I even made a video about it when I was leaving home Saturday morning but it wouldn't upload so I had to do so when I got back home on Sunday.

For my scene it was a collaboration between myself and 3 other designers. I was also a vendor, got to pick which of my purses could go with the outfits, AND I got to walk at the end of the show with the models!! I wasn't even expecting that! I was so excited! That was my very first fashion show and it felt so awesome to walk at the end with the models so everyone could see the person behind Moruka Designs. I look forward to more shows.

WATCH OUT!! It's about to get pic heavy!
Some photos were taken with my phone. I'm pretty sure you'll be able to tell the difference. All photos were provided by myself and C'est Magnifique Agency.

Backstage photos

All of the clutches on this table didn't make it onto the runway.
I picked the onesthat went well with the clothing.
These 3 definitely made it onto the runway!

There were 10 shows and it took me about 6 of them
to realize that there were twins on the runway.
My show was the last one.

Photos from the vendor area. 
My phone was too crappy to take runway photos. When I get my hands on some I'll be sure to do another post. 

What in the world was I saying here? lol

Video footage from the entire event.
You can skip to the 5:53 area for my segment or 
watch the whole thing if you like. 

I think I was walking too fast but hey I was excited. -_-

I want to say Thank You to Shen, her models and the rest of her team for this opportunity.

Most of the clutches seen in this post can be found on I will be uploading the rest in a couple of days.

Thank you all for reading!


  1. So glad to see you showcasing your designs and expanding your exposure!

  2. Thank you Alx! I've really trying hard to get that exposure.

  3. Hey Riv! Welcome to the blogasphere!

  4. very lovely designs

  5. love your blog! you are gorgeous.

    waiting for you on my blog. I am new on Blogger.



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