Thursday, August 09, 2012

I'm back!!

Ok I know I said that I'd be away for only two weeks and it's been 5. I had a lot going on and thought to just take a little vacation from blogging, haven't even blog surfed much either, will be back to posting for my Awesome Followers. I've been up to quite a bit, like working on launching my own bag business but unfortunately I've run into a few hiccups that I was glad to catch before the launch even though I'm still kinda bummed. It's better to recognize issues before starting a business, less problems in the long run. So it's been put off indefinitely. I hope to launch sooner rather than later though. In the mean time I have all this awesome stuff I can't sell yet. {pic below is a sample}

Ooh I also went to Atlantic City. I visited the Revel Hotel and let me tell you that place is FRICKIN' AWESOME!!!! I so wanted to book a room. LOL. My words don't do it any justice but my pics are in my camera at home. I'll try to add them later. I also hit the beach, went to a craft event, haven't been Goodwill hunting in almost two months, still protective styling, met Cipriana from Urban Bush Babes on Tuesday{I was so stoked and she was so nice.}, and have decided to readmit and finish my last few credits for my Bachelor's. HOLLA!! I can't wait to be FINALLY done. Next I have to decide whether I want to go for my doctorate or not.

So those are basically the highlights of my 5 week vacay from blogging. Thank you all for reading.


  1. At last!!Welcome back and can't wait for your infos...

  2. welcome back and what area is your degree in?

  3. Welcome back!!!!

  4. @gigi - Bachelor in Therapeutic Recreation. Thanks.

    @Brittney - thank you.


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