Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I relaxed my hair


...last night. I keep getting these relaxer dreams. This is my third in the last two months, yet when I wake up I have absolutely no urge to relax and I still have that tub of Motions regular and Isoplus neutralizing shampoo I bought last year when I was in Georgia. In this dream I was standing in my living room mirror applying the relaxer in sections then adding shea butter to buffer. I have no idea what the hell was going on there. When I washed out the relaxer my hair was not straight it still had it's natural texture, so there I was thinking that maybe I added too much shea butter which stopped the relaxer from doing it's job. I actually wasn't mad, I was just standing in my bathroom mirror annoyed that I'd have to relax again. And there was where the dream ended. In the other two dreams my hair turned out straight.

Anyone having weird hair dreams?


  1. Girl, I have them like once a month and I would never dream of getting a relaxer in my hair again... I majored in psychology so I am always trying to analyze what my dreams mean. I think it is just an underlying fear that we have and we don't think about it often but it is somewhere in the back of our minds...Having natural hair is so much more than physical!

  2. I had that dream quite a few times right after I chopped. I haven't had one since (but I probably will tonight now that it's on my mind... lol). I HAVE had length dreams before and OMG, I am so please when I wake up in the morning, having seen myself with WL hair :)

  3. @Brittney & PhenomenallyMe I don't recall having these dreams before when I big chopped to 1.5 inches in 2008. Weird. I think I'm having these dreams because of how long my hair was before I chopped and I desperately want to get back there.

  4. Thanks for your comments !
    I'm glad to can speak with a women other than french :)

    I have already dream about my hair, I remind that my hair was looong (WL)and I did not know what to make of all this length!
    It's funny to believe that even our dreams we can dreams about hair !

    Sorry about my english, see ya !

  5. @Brown - Hi, nice to have you here. Don't worry about your English, atleast you know English and I can understand you. I cannot begin to write French without the help of freetranslation.com. LOL.

    As for the dreams, let's just take them as motivators and premonitions as to how long our hair will be. Well long as we don't dream about being bald headed. Hehe.


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