Saturday, April 28, 2012

So I've been thinking...


1.) To protective style till my birthday so I could retain as much length as possible. I miss my waist length hair. I do have to trim an inch though. Good thing I'm short.
2.) I need to trim that darned inch off already. I'm so lazy.
3.) I need to wash and deep condition. The only thing saving my hair is the fact that it's in some plats that are covered with my wig so the ends are always protected.
4.) I want my waist length hair back. )-:

5.) I want a Heutiful Steamer so bad. I accept gifts. (-: Serious though. Just putting it out there.


6.) I just figured out how to stop biting my nails.
7.) I need to work on my edges more.
8.) I need to moisturize and seal more.
9.) I'm so used to drinking green smoothies that when I try to eat baby spinach, arugula, other other salad types they taste gross. I've yet to find something I can actually eat without gagging.
10.) I want a Mini Cooper.



  1. I feel you on the moisturizing and sealing point! I really need to get better about that.
    And don't fret - you were WL before and you will get back there again!

  2. I enjoyed reading ure thoughts as creepy as that sounds

  3. @Brittney: Girl I probably moisturize and seal about once a week or week and a half. Lol. How about you?

    Yea I'm just touching armpit length now and will be measuring to see how much I need to get back to waist length.

    @XOXO: Girl you made me laugh. My thoughts are here for your entertainment/enlightenment. (-:


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