Saturday, April 28, 2012

One Lovely Blog Award


I received the One Lovely Blog Award from Jenijen of Just Grow Already. Thank you!!! This is my third award. #runningman# In accepting this award I must share 7 things that you guys don't know about me and then give this award to 15 fellow bloggers. So here goes:-

1.) I've been slacking on my hair regimen real bad lately.
2.) I love Ras Trent from The Lonely Island.
3.) I'm addicted to biting my nails again. I can't seem to stop.
4.) I'm going to start my own business.
5.) I no longer stress myself over very high heeled shoes. 3 inches or less please.
6.) I'm thinking of exclusively protective styling under my wig till my birthday in November.
7.) I'm wondering whether or not I should go for my doctorate.
8.) I played steel pan when I was a teen.
9.) I want to learn how to play the guitar

My Awardees
1.) 6 foot long hair
2.) EbonyCPrincess
3.) Ghanian Emprezz
4.) Precious Curls
5.) Brooklyn Grace
6.) Asili Glam
7.) Hair and Other Stuff
8.) KinkyCurlyCoilyMe
9.) From Wack To Midback
10.) For The Fabulous and Frugal
11.) Spiced Beauty
12.) Stranded HHJ
13.) My Thrifted Closet
14.) Glam r Us
15.) Glam 24 Seven


  1. Wheeeee!!!!! I slid in and made top 15!

    I'm blessed and honoured. From one Guyanese Sista to another, Thank you!

  2. @Glam24Seven: You're welcome. Hey I didn't know you were Guyanese. Now I have to go stalk your blog more closely.

  3. @Guyanesesista, shame! you should have been following my blog closely all along! lol.
    and Yep! i'm half Guyanese/ half kittitian (st kitts)

  4. @Glam24Seven: So many great blogs so little time. Le

  5. Thank you much!I appreciate the fact that I was chosen! Love your blog!!

  6. @Vern You're very welcome sweetie.


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