Sunday, April 08, 2012

Easter Sunday Hair

So my hair came out to play today. I didn't do anything special, just ran some errands. I've been protective styling under a wig the last few weeks. I'm trying to get to arm pit length without a hitch ya'll. I had my hair in about 11 plaits under my wig then I un-braided them. At first it looked like a pathetic, crunchy, epically failed braid out but I was able to create this side swept style with some Scunci Effortless Beauty Side Hair Combs. I'd say I'm a type 4ab and I think I'm quite near armpit length but I need to trim an inch of splits and unevenness.
I should get it over with this week. I keep putting it off. I'm a bad girl.

Umm I think I picked up some lint.


  1. I'm doing a lot of protective styling right now too. Luv my wigs! lol

  2. Yes girl I got them goals I need to be reachin'.

  3. I think it looks cute, lint and all (",)

  4. So cute! Your curls look so free and fab :)

  5. @Simply girl my hair acts like a dust buster sometimes.

    @Nikki Thanks!!


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