Thursday, March 08, 2012

Wash day 3/5/2012 - Mud Wash Results

As per my previous post about the mud wash I made over the weekend I am providing the results. I had been doing the Green House Effect to moisturize over the weekend wearing a shower cap for most of the weekend with suave conditioner and wild grow hair oil. I did however remove the shower cap occasionally to let my hair dry for a bit.

I sectioned my hair into 8 sections, applied the mud shampoo, covered with shower cap, and left in for 4 hours. I washed each section separately, pinning them up and moving on to the other. As I washed it out I squeezed the section to get my strands to rub together to loosen up buildup before running water over it.

After I took off the shower cap.

Before washout.

The Results
-My hair smelled like oranges!!! YUMMY. For about 12 hours. :-/ Bummer. I wanted it to last forever.
-Hair feels clean but not stripped
-Hair feels soft
-My crunchy ends feel smooth, soft, and moisturized
-Single strand knots almost non existent
-I was afraid to deep condition but still couldn't because I had to rush out. So I'll have to do another review.

After washout.

That's all for now.


  1. Your hair looks so soft!
    I will def look into doing this in the future!

  2. Your hair looks great! I keep hearing about this mud wash. Maybe I should give it a try one day.

  3. I see softness. I wonder if I could do something like this for my locs?


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