Monday, March 12, 2012

More Mud Wash Results

Some more things I noticed about the mud shampoo. Note that I did not deep condition all week. I wasn't doing anything to my hair except moisturize and seal once. Bad I know but I've been on strike. I've just had it in twists and a head tie all week. Plus I wanted to see how my hair would behave with a mud shampoo and no deep condition. I've gotten away with not deep conditioning after washing with castile soap and my hair behaved pretty decent. However it was different with the mud shampoo. So here goes:-

-hair felt cleaner but not stripped on was day
-but over the next few days it felt drier even when I moisturized and sealed
-I think it stretched my curls
-I noticed that I hardly had single strand knots(I think because of the aloe vera juice)

I'm still trying to figure out a regimen now that I'm natural but I want to incorporate this in there somewhere. My hair is about 10 inches long but I think I have 1 inch of damaged ends. I want to go into protective styling for the next 3 months though because I NEED to make it to armpit length ASAP. I miss my length.

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