Saturday, February 11, 2012

Whitney Houston dead at 48

I don't know how to feel about this as she died so young. The cause of death is unknown at the moment. I hope it's a prank. It would be a mean one but hey. I actually heard some guys talking about it a few minutes ago as I was walking home so I had to Google it. I was really hoping that she would make a come back or be able to do something else as she had gone through so much. I remember those evenings when I was a child my mom and aunt would argue with my uncles for the radio so they could play Whitney Houston songs or when my aunt would be dancing around the room singing one of her songs. Sad. My condolences to her entire family.



  1. Oh no! I hope this isn't true :(

  2. I saw it on the newspaper girl's stand. What a shock! I was so happy for her with that new song she'd come out with, her voice was huskier but so rich.

  3. She was so generous, beautiful while performing in the South Africa video. She was more than a great singer.


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