Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekend Review: Darker Than Brown Monthly Dinner

I went to the Darker Than Brown monthly dinner on Saturday and had a lot of fun. It was held at Vapiano Restaurant. I've been trying to get into one of their meet ups and they were always full or I was too busy. I did go to one though, which was their Good Will meetup late last year. There must have been about I don't know, forty Ladies at this meet up. They had three raffles for hair products and a Huetiful Steamer!!! I didn't win  anything. Not even the steamer. Bummer. I met a lot of great women though. I always love these events because of this; trying to do more instead of being a home body. The event is impeccably organized. I never got the feeling that things were rushed or not planned well; every thing was seamless. Nneka did a great job and I look forward to another one.

The dining concept over at Vapiano is umm, different. When you enter you get a card which you cannot lose. Everything you buy is scanned onto this card throughout the time you're there. The food is served cafeteria style where you get a tray, pick what you want from the menu, and it is cooked at the station in front of you. When the meal is done cooking the chef scans the price of the meal unto the card. You pay the cashier on the way out. I like this concept because you pay only for what you eat. No splitting checks. I'm sure we all know some people who can be a little janky in these bill splitting situations. So this is a nice place to go. Plus the food was delicious.

Shirt - thrited, Jeans - American Eagle, Belt - don't remember
Boots - JCPenney, Necklace - don't remember

Nneka the organizer 
Me and a good friend
Don't mind the napkin. It was red sauce and
I can be a clumsy eater.

Huetiful Steamer winner. Lucky girl!!!
Hair product winner

Hair product winner. I think it was Kynx.

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