Saturday, October 22, 2011

Curly Nikki NYC Meetup

So I attended the first ever Curly Nikki NYC Meetup on Thursday which was held at the Carlton Hotel and sponsored by Mizani. It was the first time I've been in a space occupied by so many beautiful black women with healthy natural hair. The unique hairstyles were giving me some serious inspiration. Mizani had a few products on display as well as goody bags. The entire atmosphere was on point, especially the music and I would do this all over again. It was so exciting and a huge success. Big Thank You to Curly Nikki and Mizani for a wonderful experience. Enjoy the pics.

Don't I look fab?
I opted for a blow dry and flat iron because I'm transitioning.
Outfit: blazer - H&M, top - Pay Half, jeans - Cello, shoes - Payless

Curly Nikki(right) and co-hosts
Rod Horton (Mizani Rep) & Jade Eshete (Model)
There two were a blast. Rod and Jade did a great job in demonstrating  the Mizani True Textures Curl Soft. Jade's hair is fabulous and felt truly soft.

More fabulous Ladies

Mom & Daughter
I met these two ladies at the Chic and Kinky meet up last month.

Lately I've been getting into attending hair related meet ups and I'm really having a blast. Next stop, Chic and Kinky October meet up.


  1. Nice...whatever valuable info you pick up at these meets plz do share! You do look fab...Curly Nikki should have hired you to do some promo work for her, you're a great ambassador. Oh, nice pics am loving the hairstyles!!

  2. Love it girl!! it was great seeing you!!

  3. Love the pictures. But I am not going to lie I was very disappointed with the whole RSVPing situation. I RSVPed early and still did not get a ticket and I know for a fact that other people got a ticket who rsvped after me. I then emailed curly nikki and didnt even get a reply. The event from your post seemed like fun though.


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