Sunday, October 30, 2011

beCHIC Mixer Epic Snow Fail

So you remember how excited I was about going to today's beCHIC Mixer at Ample Greenwich NYC? Well the snow washed all of that excitement away. I tried my darnedest to go but it just didn't work out. There weren't any trains running on my side of town and I refused to take the bus to another side only to wait god knows how long for that train to come. Not to mention the slush and flooding that was taking place. No sir not moi. At least I gave it a shot. So I'll show you what my neighbourhood looked like this afternoon.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas?

My snow face
And since I couldn't make it to this month's beCHIC Mixer here are some pics from last month's mixer which was also held at Ample. Enjoy.

The Lovely beCHIC Hostesses
Doesn't she have the cutest smile?
Remember the ladies on the right? They were also at Curly Nikki's NYC Meetup
Recognize this pic?

My friends. Two fun gals to be around.

I'm disappointed that I couldn't go to the mixer. They had a lot in store for us namely a lot of networking and those who attended had the chance to showcase their products and services. I really wanted to see what everyone had. Plus who can pass up on $5 drinks and $5 appetizers? Neil the bartender can make a killer mojito. Hopefully I'll be able to attend next time. I must say that the beCHIC ladies so far have done a great job of providing a positive means for women to network. I hope that they'll be able to keep it up and I wish them lots of success. 


  1. Aww too bad you weren't able to attend! Snow in October is crazy to me! I live in Boston and got hit too. Looks like ya'll got more though!

  2. Yes that snow threw a monkey wrench in my day. I was too excited. Hopefully next time I'll have better luck.

  3. I could not go the mixer as well. I was disappointed because I had such a great time at their last mixer.


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