Tuesday, January 27, 2015

13 Things To Do When You're Snowed In

As the entire country knows by now, the East Coast is being pummeled by #SNOWPOCALYPSE2015. It's a white, blustery, windy, frigid, blasted mess out there. New Yorkers are stranded all over the place because Mayor DeBlasio closed the subways & put an 11pm curfew on drivers so that the streets can be plowed. People sleeping at work &/or huddled up inside bodegas. Others are buying enough food to last through Spring & Home Depot can't keep enough rock salt in stock. Schools & some workplaces are even shut down for tomorrow. And most devastating of all, Facebook & Instagram went down & all through Twitterland everyone was in an absolute meltdown panic. No wonder my Facebook post about doing this blog post wouldn't load. hmph  But what if Facebook, Twitter & Instagram really disappeared though? Scary.......

So what's a girl to do when she's all snowed in? Well here's what I did. I'm sure pretty much everyone did variations of these but in case you didn't here are some ways to pass the time.

1.) Watch Netflix - I recommend Marco Polo & Peaky Blinders.

2.) Eat donuts - Or some other junk food that isn't good for you. I left my jelly donut in the microwave too long. Who knew 30 seconds was too long for a jelly donut? Damn near all my jelly came out.

3.) Drink Alcohol - This is a no brainer. Wine, rum, vodka, tequila.......

4.) Sit by the window & watch the snow fall. Maybe take some pictures. Some dude got arrested at the store across the street. Took 4 police cars for ONE dude.

5.) Watch Youtube - I caught up on:  


Trace Ellis Ross


6.) Watch people shovel snow - Shout out to the home & car owners. I just know my mom is gonna make me shovel her car out of the damn snow.

7.) Use social media - Play on Twitter since Facebook & Instagram are down for the night. Keep refreshing to see if they are back up. UPDATE: They were back up around 2:10am

8.) Watch TV - I caught up on the snow news

Testing out my new wig
9.) Take random selfies

10.) Cook

11.) Write a blog post - Like I'm doing now.

A photo posted by Michelle Mastrobattista (@michellemastro) on

12.) Listen to the sounds of the wind and snow plows dragging through the street. You just know that as soon as they leave the snow will pile back up.

13.) Take a nap - The main reason why I'm up writing a blog post.

14.) Listen to music - 50's Rock n' Roll was my music of choice. La Bamba is my fave 50's song. Pandora is wonderful.

Sometimes I just wanna leave New York & move to Cali. The prospect of rolling out of bed & throwing on shorts to run errands is enticing.

So what are you doing to pass the time?

Do you have to go to work?

Parents. What plans have you made for your kids since 

schools are closed?

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