Monday, November 11, 2013

Lace Perspective - DIY Lace Top

One Saturday night, instead of hittin' de club I decided to stay home and work on sewing a new top(well I really don't go to the club but you know what I mean o_o).

See, I've been meaning to improve my skills in sewing clothing. I can sew a mean clutch but I'm kinda lame for still sucking at sewing clothing after a little over 3 years. Darts, pleats, and 5/8" seam allowances make me uncomfortable. So I've given myself a challenge to start with some easy stuff then progress. Yes?

I bought this peach/pink stretch lace fabric 3 years ago meaning to make a dress with it and since I have a craving for some high-low garments right now I figured this would be perfect for the mission. I haven't seen a stretch high-low lace top around so I chose to be original. Although I'm sure they exist somewhere but hey, I'm owning it. 

Leaf stuck in my bangs. Nice.

I'm not sure how long it took me to make it but I love the outcome. It's the first time that I've made a garment from scratch and felt comfortable with it. Enough to go outside with it on and take pictures in the park. I took a major shortcut though, I didn't cut and attach the sleeves separately. I just traced my t-shirt pattern as a whole. I figured it would be fine plus sleeves are not my friend. I'm taking baby steps until I master this stuff. My next task will be a spandex dress using the same pattern.

 What I wore:
Top: DIY
Jeans: thrifted & DIY altered
Shoes: Call It Spring
Jewelry: Forever 21

So how did I do?
Are you working on any sewing projects?


  1. Love your top, love your hair, love these pics (they did come out perfectly!) What a great post! Can't wait to see the other clothes you'll be making!!

  2. Love this top! It's so cute and flirty! Great job on the pics too! I didn't notice the leaf at first :) You got the poses down girl! :)

  3. Super cute top and I love your hair!! wish I had your skills :)I have a machine that is gathering dust, but I plan on pulling it out soon to take in a couple of dresses!

  4. Ebony I'm not that skilled at sewing clothing. I just picked a fabric and pattern that I was comfortable with.

  5. Thanks LeSha! I was in my creative vibe. I just wish I had thought of this when it was earlier and warmer. But I'm sure I can find some nice indoor spots.

  6. Thanks Candyce! I feel more confident about moving forward with my sewing. Let's see how that dress will turn out. lol

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