Monday, September 23, 2013



It's been two years since I did my official serious post into bloggerhood. I started in 2005, fell off, and stumbled along the way till September 22nd, 2011(HERE) when I realized my blogger purpose.
I was seeking a specific topic and realized that I should just start by blogging about what I was into at the moment and evolve all the way. First it was hair and events; now I've added fashion and I have my own business. Blogging has taken me a long way. I mean I've always wanted my own business but blogging helped to expand my world and delve deeper into it. Most importantly blogging has enabled me to take care of my natural hair the healthy way which was my first purpose for blogging. The wonderful blogger buddies which include my BLM Blogger boos and others have made the road even smoother. Wonderful Ladies!! Thank you all!!


I've enjoyed two years of you beautiful people reading my blog. Sooooooooooooo for this special day I'm hosting 2 giveaways for the course of 2 weeks. First is a 7 day giveaway of one jar of LinoMoist Conditioning Pomade from The Pomade Shop. I've been using this as my moisturizer since April and still do. It's hard for me to make a commitment to moisturizers because I can never find the right one but this is it so far. I did a review HERE. My hair is always light and damn near build up free and it smells
wonderful. I want one lucky person to win one in their quest to find the perfect moisturizer.  Enter below for a chance to win!

NOTE: You HAVE to comment below for your entry to be registered or I won't be able to count you in the giveaway. Also when you have completed your entry task you also HAVE to click the green button for each one or it won't be registered and I won't be able to count you in the giveaway. 

Giveaway only open to those in the United States.


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I have another week long giveaway right after this one. Stay tuned to find out what it is! 

Thank You and Good Luck!


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