Wednesday, July 03, 2013

21 Random Things About Me

Photo by Guyanesesista

It's been a long time since I did one these posts and I think a refresher is in order. Enjoy.

1. As a child I thought I would grow up to be tall. I'm 5'2". +_+

2. I also thought I'd have huge boobies. Not gonna mention that one. -_-

3. I haven't been taking the most awesome care of my hair lately. The thought of wash day gives me the heebeegeebees.

4. I still want a mini cooper. 

5. I have a business. I design and sell handbags. I'm launching soon.

6. I'm handbag obsessed. I love them. That's why I make them.

7. I dislike acrylic nails.

8. Years ago I would have never thought I'd be wanting to work in fashion or that my business would be fashion oriented.

9. I have my mom's eyes and fingers.

10. I still want a heitiful steamer. 

11. Most of my clothes are altered. I thrift.

12. 95% of the time I'll say what I really think.

13. I can't be trusted with white clothing or accessories of any kind.

14. I think I might be over thrift shopping.

15. I'm back on the nail biting wagon.

16. Sometimes I want to wear a mask around new York. It's just so nasty here.

17. But its so awesome though.

18. I'm going to be 29 this year and life is still a big ass mystery to me. I guess it is for everyone but sometimes I wish I had more answers. I need a crystal ball.

19. These plus plus size bloggers have more style than I do.

20. I think that wedges are They get no love. Everyone talks about stilettos. 

21. I'm really digging non prescription glasses at the moment.

What are some random things about you? Can you relate anything I've mentioned? Please share.


  1. Wedges are the best! Yes, I've considered wearing a mask around the city as well, it's nasty!! At least one for the train, haha.

  2. Yes girl I don't know why people hate on them so much.

  3. I loveeeeee wedges!! 70% of my foot wear is wedges!!

  4. Such a sweet post. Just stumbled across your blog today and am already quite familiar with you :) Lovely blog by the way :)

  5. This is a great post!! I learned a lot about you.

  6. "These plus plus size bloggers have more style than I do." LOL. Love this. I think this very thing all the time. #blm

  7. Looking forward to your handbags! Good job!!

  8. Cute! Ditto on the crystal ball....except I'm not 29 (anymore).
    - _ -

  9. My wedge game isn't that tight. I just abuse the ones I have. lol

  10. Katherine I like to really let my readers into my head from time to time.

  11. Hey #blmgirl! Seriously, I be takin notes.


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