Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Washed my Wig

Before the wash.

I've been protective styling for the last 3 months under my Sensationnel Easy 27 Wig. It's a Human Hair wig and I decided on Human hair because I want it to last for while and be able to wash it. To me, synthetic hair gets crunchy, I can't wash and heat style it, and it gives my scalp major itchies. I think it's that alkaline layer and I can't soak it in vinegar before wearing as it will ruin the style. Plus it was only $30 and I bought a back up the other day too. I felt like a washing was long overdue for this wig, it was losing it's lustre, and was getting a little oily at the front. I looked up some youtube videos and settled on this one.

-Clarifying shampoo(a gentle shampoo is recommended but I took the chance since I have a back up wig)
-V05 Moisture Milks Conditioner
-Flat iron

-Comb/brush out all tangles. 
-Place wig in tub and fill the water to just over the wig.
-Swish it around. I gently squeezed and squished it also to really get the dirt out.
-Rinse and repeat
-Refill tub/sink, add conditioner and swish the wig around. I also let mine soak for about 5 minutes.
-Put the wig on the mannequin and let it dry. Mine dried overnight. DO NOT COMB THE WIG WHEN IT'S WET.
-Flat iron. I used my Conair on 285 degrees. Although it's a human hair wig I was careful not to use extreme heat. I used my CHI at first but it was too hot and seemed to dry the section out.

First wash. 
After first wash. YUCK!! Good thing I used clarifying shampoo.
I'm so ashamed.

Second round.


After wash.
Left overnight to dry.

The morning after.

Flat ironed.


  1. You style the heck outta that wig, I wouldn't even have recognized the uncurled wig! Protect and grow away girl!

  2. Wow! That doesn't even look like the same unit girl!!!! (",)

  3. Thanks for posting this! That short wig is very cute and now it's so fresh and so clean, clean :)

  4. Thanks Ladies. I am so loving this wig. Plus so far it hasn't annoyed me in this heat wave we have in NY today but then again I don't have to spend a lot of time outside. Normally I can't stand wigs/weaves in the summer but this bad boy is a keeper. I won't be messing with long wigs for a while.


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