Monday, April 30, 2012

Wash Day 4/29/2012 Results

Here are the results from yesterday's wash. I like how my hair felt from that conditioner mix I made yesterday so I think I'll be using it again, it felt even softer than when I use the conditioner alone. Knowing me I'll get sidetracked and come up with something else to experiment with. I also experienced less shedding during my detangle thanks to the coffee rinse. Also, I really wanted to trim but I couldn't find the scissors so I'll have to buy new ones tomorrow. Figures this would happen when I really DO want to trim. /-: These pics were taken with my ipod. I wanted to do a length check but taking pics with an ipod is annoying/awkward enough. So without further a due, here's some hair porn!!!

After the conditioner washout

See? I need to trim. Those ends are crunchy.

After the Blow dry

Sorry. Couldn't crop

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