Sunday, April 15, 2012

Iron supplement: Feroglobin


I talked about iron deficiency back in January and how I found out mine was really low, part of which included almost fainting on the number 5 train. How was I still standing? Since then I've been taking iron tablets over the counter. I bought this liquid iron supplement called feroglobin last week(which I also talked about in that post) it has only 10mg of iron along with some other vitamins that help to produce red blood cells. I took it today and all I can say is that it was a whhooooolllleee lot different than taking a 65mg iron tablet. I've taken feroglobin twice already and within minutes I feel this weird surge in my body like the liquid is getting through my body FAST. And because it's a liquid there are no fillers so I'm really feeling my body absorb all of this stuff. So yea. Ferroglobin is I read that iron is better absorbed with vitamin C and that liquid iron is best absorbed on an empty stomach to ensure maximum absorption. Try it if you feel you need an iron supplement but nothing beats the advice of your doctor so try at your own risk.


  1. Hiya (",)

    This sounds great! I have seen this in the chemist before and was interested in it then but didn't purchase it because I am already on prescription iron supplements. I really like the idea of this being in liquid form and absorbed quickly into the bloodstream.

    I think I might give my doctor a call to see if it will be okay to drop one of the two tablets I take daily and supplement it with this as the ferrous sulphate tablets can be a little harsh on the stomach.


  2. i sometimes take only pure liquid iron especially when am in school.

  3. @Simply - see what he says. The feroglobin has 10mg of iron plus other nutrients like lysine to aid absorption. If you don't mind, can you share some info on the iron you take? I have to see a doctor about mine.

    @Emprezz yup I'm always low when I'm in school. What type of iron do you take?

  4. I am really iron deficient and have been taking iron pills for the last 6 months, I wonder if this product is sold in Canada...

  5. Well that's seriously so nice , as most of iron tablets and capsules cause constipation , also one more thing that we can have it only by empty stomach. Liquid iron supplements are really great (no constipation) .


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