Friday, March 02, 2012

Brooklyn Natural Hair 'Mixer'

This is way late but hey... 
So the weekend after Valentine's Day I attended the Brooklyn Natural Hair 'Mixer' hosted by which took place at the Cornerstone Educational Center. It was a lot different from the other hair events I've attended in that there was an education/tutorial session. The host used to demonstrate how different products work, made products, had giveaways, and Q&A. There were also vendors who sold food, jewelry, hair products,etc. Ladies participated in the education session mostly while some mingled. I did like that touch even though I didn't really participate in it. I felt like it helped a lot of women figure out some of the issues they were having with their hair. I also like that she had volunteers mixing products on the spot. Also, I met the owner of The Pomade Shop. I really like her, she's fun and her products are great. The products didn't feel too greasy and didn't feel too heavy when I rubbed it on my skin. The fragrances were nice too. Check her on Etsy.

Hostess & mixers making a leave in.
Product giveaway

Vendor: Design Essentials
Vendor: Owner of The Pomade Shop

The Pomade Shop

The Pomade Shop

Vendor: In Case Of Fabulous Accessories {click}


  1. I've been itchy to buy one of the pomades from The Pomade Shop for weeks!

    1. Go ahead, buy it. Don't be afraid her products are awesome and from what I've seen she has good reviews.


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