Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Weekend Review

So this weekend I got out a bit more, well alot more than I normally do. My weekends are normally pretty uneventful. I stay home, lay around and watch tv mostly. But this weekend I did alot which included sewing, taking a class, hanging out with old high school friends, meeting new people, and doing my mom's hair. So here goes:

1.) I have alot of fabric, zippers, and other notions so I made some cosmetics bags. Been holding onto my sewing inventory for a while and have decided that I need to just sew and see what I come  up with. I can't sew a garment from scratch but I can do alterations and bags. I really want to buy more fabric but it won't make sense because I'm already hoarding.

3 different sizes

2.) I went to a high school alumni get together. It was a wine and cheese party. I wish I had more pics but I had a great time and met a few new people.

Top and bottom: thrifted

Hair was a braid out.

3.) Did my Mom's hair. Wash, deep condition, twist, and cornrow.

4.) Attended a tincture making class at Third Root Community Health Center in Brooklyn. This class was an intro to a more extensive Herbal Education Program. It was 2 hours long but I was 1 hour late and missed the salve making portion. I made a nettle tincture by putting some dried nettle in my container then pouring enough vodka to cover the herbs. It is to be left for 2 to 3 weeks and shaken everyday. I learned that there are different to ways to make tinctures but for some reason I thought there was only one way. Different herbalists have their own methods.

Recycled my ORS container

This was made on 1/28/2012. It's super green, stains, and tastes nasty.

And that was my weekend. Atleast I can account for it and say that I actually did something productive. Let's see what next weekend has in store.


  1. *Cute bag!
    *You're hair looks great, that's a braid out?
    *Your Mothers hair came out really nice too!
    *That class seems very interesting. I wonder if they have any of those in my area. I would def attend.

    Looks like you had a great weekend!

  2. Thanks girl. Yea it's a braid out. I know it doesn't look it because it was combed out after I unbraided and it was out all day.


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