Saturday, January 21, 2012

"Curly Hair Dos and Donts" from...

Those Girls Are Wild. I wasn't going to do a new post till tomorrow but I was inspired. These lovely, hilarious girls along with Antoinette and Shanti of A Curl's Best Friend have addressed the pet peeves of curly girls so brilliantly. I like many others have experienced the same things. I love their channel. They are FUNNY AS HELL.

I dance to drums. I love them. They make me move. It's an adrenaline rush. I like me some shea butter from time to time, and petroleum jelly for those dry winter days. Shea butter mixed with olive oil is good for stretch marks when used consistently. I like to steep my own hair oils; hey I like the challenge. I like herbal rinses and ankara fabric. I like fried chicken, baby back ribs, wheat grass, soy chunks, and gari. Love me some KFC and Checkers. I love my natural, kinky textured, 4ab hair.

APRIL 22ND, 2009.
Battle with humidity on a rainy day. Notice the lopsidedness.
I believe I was about shoulder length. I think.

I hate shrinkage and when people mention relaxers 5 seconds after I say that I'm transitioning back to natural. "Oh your hair is so long you should relax. I don't know why you would cut all that hair off" What's it to ya!? IT.WILL.GROW.BACK. I have a particular friend who always says this and always acts brand new like she doesn't know I'm transitioning. And don't pet me. I am not a dog and you're messing up my perfect fro!!!! And you didn't ask. : / (this was when I was natural a couple years ago) The only persons who get to put their hands in my hair are those who have my permission.

Other interesting experiences:
1.) Early in my big chop my friend's man told me that I cut off all of my beauty. I was so shocked I didn't know how to respond. It was the first hit I took with my hair being newly natural.(click here) I get that he was used to seeing me with longer hair and that he himself was shocked but dude did you just really call me ugly? In his defense he has been known to say extra dumb things that make you go hmmmmm every once in a while. The urge to beat him down is rearing it's ugly head.

2.) I had just finished a wash and deep condition on my then shoulder length hair. I visited a friend and met up with another who I had not seen in the while. I wasn't happy with how my hair turned out that day but I was working with it. So we were talking about hair and friend number two decides to rake her hand through the front of my head all in my scalp. She got the LOOK OF DEATH. I didn't even mean to, it was a reflex. (well maybe I did subconsciously) She jumped back and apologized so quick. LOL. Next time don't be raking yo hand through my hair. I don't know where your hand was!!! Groping my scalp without my permission is a violation of my personal space. It's like you just groped my ass.

3.) Former employer nearly jumped out of her skin when I arrived at work with my fro instead of my usual braid extensions. LOL.

Tis' all. "Curly girls unite!!!" Off to stalk A Curls Best Friend.

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